The Health Haven Hub

We’ve designed the Innovation Hub to feel like a second home–inspiring culture and community building, creativity, and collaboration.

The Health Haven Hub is located at 195 Church Street in downtown New Haven, walking distance to Yale University. We share the space with Health Venture and Bridge Innovations as part of a CT state innovation grant.

Student members and teams have access to Origami Innovations co-working stations, conference rooms, discovery and design spaces, community kitchen/dining room, configurable work/prototype/play rooms, and quiet zones.


Origami Innovations co-creates professional quality programming based on proven models in collaboration with our supporters at IDEO, Stanford Medicine X , and Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Hub.

Networking | Team Support

The Innovation Hub is designed to feel like a second home to promote interdisciplinary networking among colleagues and peers, mentors, and community members. We host meet-and-greet events in efforts to bridge students with the larger New Haven community and promote collaboration and team development between community members and Yale University students.

Entrepreneur teams must consist of at least one Yale affiliated student founder. All entrepreneurship teams must be registered and approved by the Origami Innovations core-team for non-student members to obtain access to the Innovation Hub.

All approved entrepreneurship teams receive personalized access to Origami Innovations venture support programs, high-level mentorship network, and funding opportunities.

Gravity Highlights

We highlight our internal Gravity Projects within the hub to showcase ways in which students and community members can come together to make the world a better place. Drop by to see more about what we’re working on and to meet the amazing teams behind our Gravity Projects.

Everything Comes Together Here

Industry Recruiting + Hosting

Origami Innovations works to bring industry and organizations into the hub for workshops, reverse pitch events, networking opportunities, and recruiting events.

Is your organization looking for a venue to host an event and collaborate with a diverse community of innovators and entrepreneurs? Contact Us! We love hosting organizations and individuals who share our vision of inclusive human-centered design, innovation, and purpose-driven solutions.

Events | Calendar

The best way to get involved with Origami Innovations is to stop by one of our events. Almost all of our workshops, didactics, and speaker events are open to the general public in efforts to create meaningful connections between Yale University students and the larger New Haven community.

Events Calendar Coming Soon!