Our Structure

Origami Project

Our primary student-led arm for Yale students and the greater New Haven community–for everything design, innovation, and entrepreneurship


  • The Innovation Hub

    Our Innovation Hub is where all of our resources, community, and entrepreneurial opportunities come together. We work hard and collect constant feedback to make sure the space is designed to feel like home and encourage interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Community and Culture Building

    Professional quality programming designed to empower students and entrepreneurs to create disruptive, purpose-driven, tangible solutions.

  • Co-founder and Collaborator Connections

    Between the Innovation Hub, the Innovation Lead and Fellowship Programs, the Slack network, and Hub events we make sure that connecting with co-founders, collaborators, and mentors is as effortless as possible.

  • Unwavering Support

    This is where you can place additional information on key points about the position, keeping things shorter if possible.

Origami Health

A healthcare focused arm that works with interdisciplinary health care stakeholders and patients to design better frameworks for care delivery


  • Multiple Stakeholders

    Our human-centric design methodology brings together all health care stakeholders in the spirit of co-creation: Patients, Providers, Caregivers, Researchers, Community, Designers, Technologists, Industry, and Venture.

  • Patient Driven Design

    There is a reason we always have a patient and advocate on our advisory board. We understand and deeply value the importance of bringing the patient voice into the health care conversation as equal partners in care and innovation.

  • Hospital Based Innovation

    Origami Health is piloting a program to bring in patients, caregivers, community members, and hospital based providers to improve and design improvements to in-hospital issues. To increase safety, efficiency, care delivery, and patient experience.

  • Research, Technology, and Policy

    We work with industry partners and US government agencies to play a part in advancing health care delivery through technology, research, and design.

Origami Ventures

[Coming 2018] Origami Ventures focuses on providing both small amounts of funding to entrepreneurs for proof-of-concept and prototyping as well as and connecting teams with venture capital and larger scale funding


  • 100% Founder Friendly

    Origami Ventures does not require any equity from founders for use of space, programming, mentorship, or network. We help students scale in the very early stages to encourage rapid iteration, prototyping, and refinement. From prototyping grants to server space, we provide the launching resources for students to be lean and competitive applicants for venture funds.

  • First Push Matching Fund

    Similar to Stanford Start X, Origami Ventures will use a ‘matching model’ fund. When a successful founder secures seed funding, we will match a portion of that at the same rates, as a continuing investment in the future of our projects.

  • Industry Partnerships

    We act as a second touch point to the Yale student innovator community and work to bring in resources and opportunities from local, domestic, and international supporters.

  • Investor Network

    We work to bridge the gap between New Haven and financial hubs and industry to provide ventures with the best opportunity for success.

Everything Comes Together Here

|O.I| Labs

The VR/AR Lab

[Coming Soon] VR/AR technologies hold significant promise for disrupting the way we interact with the world around us. That is why we are working to open a dedicated lab space for VR/AR technologies and setting up a curriculum and support network to empower students to utilize these technologies.

The Blockchain and venture Lab

[Coming Soon] Blockchain technology is proving to be a promising platform for disruptive entrepreneurship across a wide array of industry fields. Origami Innovations is working to build out a curriculum and support network to empower students to learn about Blockchain technologies and potential implantation strategies.

The Health Care Imagination Lab

[Coming Soon] Have you ever wondered what an “ideal” health care system might look like? What the perfect patient-provider interaction is? What the best way to collect, access, and implement data might be? We’re wondering. Join us in the Health Care Imagination Lab where we encourage moonshot thinking around health care issues.