Our Network

What is Slack?

Slack is combined workspace and communication platform based around managing teams and projects. This platform provides opportunity for members to gain clarity in projects, goals, and comes equipped with a searchable team directory.

What can the network do?

We’ve designed our network to seamlessly and efficiently allow members to find co-founders, contributors, and mentorship by connecting students and community members. Additionally, members will be able to stay up to date on Origami Innovations news and events, build private teams, and integrate relevant apps and plugins to their Slack.

How can the Slack community work in tandem with the Innovation Hub?

Innovation doesn’t happen over an online platform and we encourage our members to set up meetings, feedback sessions, or events within our innovation hub. The Slack group is meant to be an assistive tool in building community–not an end outcome.

What’s different about this Slack network?

We’ve custom programmed a series of bots and form fields for our Slack Network that will allows us to make sure that i) individuals can easily send context rich information by requests to relevant individuals ii) requests are received in a non-intrusive way with customization options for receipt iii) that channels will be specifically integrated into the physical space to encourage face-to-face interaction and collaboration.

How do I join the Origami Innovations Slack Network?

Soon our Slack group will be open to space members on a rolling basis. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear how to become a space member.

Intelligently Designed

Our Slack network was built with engagement, ease of use, and goal accomplishment in mind. Our team brought in students and community members for brainstorming sessions and pilot testing with multiple revisions on our proof of concept. We have developed systems to manage requests, queries, databases, private conversations, meet-ups, networking, and feedback with seamless use and efficiency as primary outcome measures.